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11-14-2012, 03:04 PM
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I'm so sick of these binary opinion pieces. They're idiotic regardless of what side they're on. It's fairly obvious that both sides are at fault. Bettman is a bully, yes, but then what is Fehr? You know, the guy who shows up late to meetings, who leaves the room for a glass of water and doesn't come back for a long time? He's no saint either. Both sides are childish. Neither is earnestly trying to get a deal done for the sake of the fans. Neither side has any reservations about dragging their feet or pulling petty BS moves to delay the starting of the the season.

There is also logic on both sides. The players feel like they should get something in return for losing 7% of HRR and that's reasonable. The owners feel like the players should swallow the % loss because they're still paid outrageously and after losing a larger % last negotiation, they still managed to double the average salary. That's reasonable as well. It's real easy for fans and players to sit back and blame the owners for signing big contracts when there's no hockey going on. When their team is playing and succeeding due to one of those contracts I doubt they'd be up on their high horse.

Further, this quote is beyond insane. I sincerely hope I'm reading or understanding it wrong:

"And in the whole, long history of disasters and capitalism, has there ever been a bigger disaster than the National Hockey League or its mortician, Gary Bettman? The decommissioner has managed in just 20 years to make the league invisible. An afterthought. An unfunny punch line to a joke no one recalls. By his own accounting, the league is poised on the brink of insolvency. Again. Still. A constant invalid."

First, is a guy who is dropping Naomi Klein in an article honestly asking if capitalism has produced bigger disasters than a few months of delay in the start of the NHL? Capitalism can be illustrated as the cause of the death of millions in some cases. The NHL lockout is practically meaningless when you consider disasters that occur in the real world. Maybe he should read the book that he references in his article so he can at least represent the main idea of it, in this case disaster capitalism, correctly. He has 0 credibility to be talking about those ideas based on the idiocy he's shown here.

Secondly, what about those record revenues that the pro-players people throw out all the time? Bettman is responsible for the league becoming invisible but he also oversaw it through the production of revenues so large that the players deserve to get more % of it than the most popular sports in America? The league has become invisible despite the start of the Winter Classic, a huge money maker?

Terrible, terrible article.

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