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Originally Posted by 66-29-33 View Post
This PS3 or 360? i played cod 4 for the PC competitivly (atleast scrims) in promod for years. I HATE clans, too many people. I need a small 5-6 man team, max. Small, gain good chemistry. I didn't play for fun, i played to win. I don't play cod4 anymore, i'm done...nothing out so i waste my time playing guildwars 2 now. Might get into WoW. Only shooters that fit my liking is super fast games like Quake. Either Quake 3 Arena, or Quake Live (Mostly QL) but it takes forever to get movement down...i'm too old now, and i don't wanna waste all day everyday playing it.
On PC. I was on the :]Go[: clan.

I admit it was fun, especially playing against other clans, but it was all the in between stuff that was too much for me.

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