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11-14-2012, 03:14 PM
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I think Mr. Burgundy is right. If the owners and Fehr truly pushed this into next season you'd be looking at a wholly different situation than at the end of the last lockout.

For starters, fans are already more pissed and able to communicate as a group about boycotts and things of that nature than the last time, because of social media. That is going to compound over time. There will be more and more people spouting negative publicity about the NHL and parties involved as we go, and it will start to catch on as people like Puck Daddy and others give them free advertising / links to a big audience. Especially if it's well into the summer and there's no end in sight. Fans are going to lose hope..

Second, if you can kill a whole season and show so little respect for fans that you move it into a consecutive season... you risk in a big way, permanently alienating a huge swath of the US fan base (to the tune of 30-40% of ticket buying and subscription buying fans IMO), and a significant portion of Canadian fans will stick to watching other leagues as well. Effectively you will kill hockey in the United States except at the lower levels. It would be a fan-base disaster IMO. MANY fans would say "**** off" and mean it. Just leave with an attitude of indifference. Because at that point you're truly being played for a fool.

I mean what self-respecting person keeps hanging on in a situation like that when there's so many other options for entertainment or useful things to do when passing time? I can guarantee 100% as it is now, I will not pay for tickets this year if they come back and will only pay for Center Ice if there's a "we're sorry fans" discount applied (say 40 or 50% off remaining games). If they went into next year, I would never buy another ticket, never subscribe again, never buy another piece of merchandise. I would watch what I could on free TV, do some fantasy hockey maybe and that's it. And there would be probably hundreds of thousands of fans just like me doing the same thing. And then another group that wouldn't even watch on free tv, driving ad revenues down and making it even less viable a sport.

To tell you the truth, if they go into next year and the NHL ends up folding because of financial collapse (losing money even after they come back), I wouldn't shed a tear that's for sure. F off. Let the players go where they want and if you start a new league it better be in real hockey markets only or I won't bother because we'll end up in the same place again.

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