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11-14-2012, 03:20 PM
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So, I just got back from a lunchtime skate. The first time I tried this(different day) the skill level was way out of my barely D level skillset. Nobody was douchy about it, but I didn't see the puck much. It was like having a really great ticket to watch a game.

This time I found a crowd that is a bit lower in level, though much better than me, and these guys were really great. After a few shifts(light crowd, 7 per side) they could see my level and I got a lot of good advice. In particular, I am old(43), 6'4", 240, with big, slow size 14 skate feet. But a lot of the advice I got was really good and tailored to how to get the most out of my skill level and size, until I could improve my skating and stickhandling level. I am not very good, but I do bust my ass out there and I think once they saw that, guys went out of there way to feed me some passes(though I mishandled a lot of them) and gave me a little room to skate it.

I think that a lot of guys in my situation will start towards a loose puck or a puck carrier, see that they won't get there in time to make a play and ease up on it. I have found though that the situation often changes by the time I get to my destination and what was once a non-play for me, is suddenly in play. Even the best guys can mishandle a puck and if I back off then all I can do is sit there and watch the play I could have made if I had hustled. It seems to me that showing heart, energy and willingness to crash here and there garners a lot of respect. So, overall, I will probably make that a regular part of my rotation and continue to take my classes and hopefully it all translates to better play for me.

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