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Originally Posted by PensFanSince1989 View Post
The whole 'it's grown this much over this period of time so you should have no problem assuming that its going to grow at the same growth in the future' is just a bad argument. Did you buy a house in 2007 thinking 'gee, real estate prices have done nothing but go up over the last decade, how could I go wrong?'. And why is anyone buying anything but Apple Stock right now?! Have you seen how much its grown over the last 7 years? There's no way it does anything different over the next 7!

The only argument I've seen on HF that comes even close to being as asinine as the argument above is the following:

"Well franchises are vanity purchases [like sports cars] ergo, they should be willing to lose a few million on them each year."

Edit: Although to be fair to those who feel that the owners don't get enough flack, had Bettman not placed that gag order on the owners, I'm certain there would be much more venom towards the owners for their nuggets of "wisdom."

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