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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
Accuracy...ok, I'll respond to this last thing before moving on.

Jagr's 127 points in 98/99 would have the same value as 185 points in 80/81.
Gretzky's 90 points as a worn down 37 year old with a bad back in 97/98 would have the same value as 131 points in 80/81.

Scoring leaders 80/81
Gretzky 163
Dionne 135
Nilsson 131
Bossy 119
Taylor 112

These are the values that I'm being asked to believe are more accurate than 2 players playing at the same time vs the same competition in the exact same environment.
These are the values I'm being asked to give more weight to than the Raw stats.
At least you finally seem to understand the concept of "adjusted stats say Gretzky's '98 season was as valuable as having X points in season Y." I had almost given up on that happening.

No one's asking you to not use raw stats, use adj. stats, give adj. stats more value, etc. Some of us have decided on our own that using adjusted stats is much more valuable, accurate, and/or time-saving than using raw stats. We've given logical reasons as to why they are used and why many of your misconceptions are just that. I myself use raw stats... to immediately convert them to adjusted stats. You can use raw stats for whatever you like... make a sandwich with them for all I care.

Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
Oh that.
When Jagr scored 149 points to Gretzky's 102 in 95/96, Jagr was 46.078% more productive than Gretzky.
Once you run the adjusted stats, Jagr is 48.454% more productive than Gretzky.
I read that 2.376 difference as a 5.156% increase in Jagr's productivity over Gretzky compared to what actually happened.
That's an inaccuracy in my book.
This is due to rounding error and the unique way calculates adjusted stats (they deduct player's totals and adjust for roster size, neither of which I would call "standard" or "simple" adjustment).

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