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11-14-2012, 03:45 PM
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The NHL IS a joke. There is no debating that. These "people" are ruthless. They shouldn't even consider themselves "NHL people." They don't care about the sport. I don't need to hear their bs about how they are scared of the potential ramifications this could do to the sport. If they cared those same "people" would speak out against Bettman, Daly, and the 8-10 hawkish owners. It is amazing how the minority outweighs the majority. Those owners handed out those contracts and signed them with their other hand having its fingers crossed behind their backs, knowing they were going to lock the players out while finding a way to not honor those contracts fully. Those contract should be honored no matter what. You shouldn't have a get out of jail free card just because you're an owner and you can't control yourself.

I don't blame Fehr and the players. I really don't. The players gave in last time, lost a whole season. Now they have to give in again, not have their contracts fully honored, and lose another whole season. The NHL is done if they lose another whole season. And to be quite honest, 40 something game season does no justice either. All those arenas are shut down right now not making any revenue, for the most part unless they have an NBA franchise playing there. But even then so they are still losing massive amounts of potential revenue. And it does not just affect this year's budgets or projections; it is the following years as well where less fans attend games and purchase merchandise. The ball is in the NHLPA's court imo. Players can find work overseas if it is completely necessary. I would not be surprised if another season is lost that this league is disbanded and a new one is formed.

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