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11-14-2012, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by KevFu View Post
Because while it's difficult to enforce the NCAA's "extra benefits" that allow virtually nothing of value to go to the student athletes -- except a small amount with transparent procedues (like, for example, working coaches camps)... that is a hell of a lot easier than allowing kids to have endorsements.

Olympic athletes can have sponsors because they need the money to train, and OTHER COUNTRIES CAN'T RECRUIT THEM BY OFFERING THEM MORE MONEY (sure, that does happen in some dual citizenship cases).

If endorsements were allowed, schools would simply change their corporate partnerships to send money the other way, to be given to student-athletes:

"We'll buy 5 cars from you and give you ad space, and pay you $2 million a year. You sign EVERY ONE of our studenth-athletes to a corporate sponsorship contract -- we send you a team picture of each sport to hang in your business -- and then the school has free reign to recruit kids using sponsorship money.

It would be "free agency" for recruiting. Like the old SouthWest Conference days
Which is why I hope this case is the tip of the iceberg for bringing down the whole NCAA sham.

The thought of offering potential pros the prospect of getting education to go along with participating in a competitive league is nice, but we all know what happens - athletes are encouraged to go for easier, less time-intensive degrees; get all kinds of tutoring to save them studying time; occasionally get preferential treatment to ensure passes; and so on. Bottom line is that college/programs obviously get them to spend as little time on education as possible and most athletes feel the same way.

But it's a bit ridiculous that for football and basketball players they have to go through a college system if they want to focus on going pro. At least in hockey there are junior leagues as alternatives so players who actually want an education can go to college and be student athletes.

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