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11-14-2012, 03:55 PM
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Originally Posted by MacOfNiagara View Post
How did that work with:

- not cancelling real games (non-preseason)
- not cancelling November games
- not cancelling WC

Stay tuned for
- they won't cancel December games

and the much anticipated

- they would never cancel the season

Edit: Didnt mean to say I think owners will / would cancel the whole season by American Thanksgiving. I think Dec will come soon, and season comes late Dec / early Jan.
Fehr: "These artificial deadlines you know, we believe we can start the season in March, late March. No problem. They do it in baseball, AND THAT'S AMERICA'S PAST TIME, IT HAS NO PROBLEMS. If they can do it, the NHL would be better to come to the table, let's talk about not having a cap anymore and let's have an 82-games season starting on March 28, with the players getting a nominal 5% raise right away to cover for losing the summer vacation which they richly deserve after being so close to their families. You know, you can't ask a man who's job is to play hockey to scrub the toilet while the wife is *****ing about how she could only afford herself TWO new fur coats for thanksgiving. I mean, you ask the wife of the guy that works...worked? whatever, works at the Chrysler plant and ask her about what she thinks about only two new fur coats for thanksgiving. Outrageous! What do you think it makes the guy on welfare say? "Ima learning to skate to play for the Leafs, LOL?****ing Chrysler plant, here I come?" No. Our members are just like them good workers in Detroit, who want at least 3 new coats for their wife, a new palace to live in once in a while, and an island in the pacific for themselves."

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