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Originally Posted by MastuhNinks View Post
Rick Nash stuck by that team for almost a decade and they never came close to being a competitive team. He's 28 years old and has never won an NHL playoff game because of how terrible his team has been. I don't think anyone should blame him for wanting out of there when it didn't seem like they were at all trying to build a successful team around him. Dwight Howard's team won their division 3 years in a row, made the NBA Finals and was a pretty strong team in the East for a while. He left because he had drama with his coach and had dragged on talks about free agency for literally more than a year. I know Rick Nash didn't leave through free agency but I think his situation is much more comparable to Lebron's (who I feel is also unjustly villainized). There were talks about Nash being traded before he even requested a trade, he stuck with that team for a long time and more than paid his dues, I don't think it's a Canadian thing to defend him, it's a 'he had the patience of a saint' thing. Can you seriously say you'd be happy to be a 28 year old franchise player for a team since you were a teenager, who still has never won an NHL playoff game? Of course he wanted out.

Radulov meanwhile finally decided to give the team that drafted him a shot and decided that partying was more important than the playoffs, of course people are going to question his character. It's not that he is playing in Russia, if you don't want to play in the best hockey league in the World that's fine, but don't come over to play in the NHL if you aren't going to take it seriously. What Radulov did was very disrespectful to his teammates, he showed that he did not care at all about the Stanley Cup. Rick Nash wanted out of his team because he wanted to win, Alexander Radulov is hated on because his actions suggested he doesn't care about winning.
Double standard is a double standard. Last I checked nobody forced Rick Nash to sign a huge extension in Columbus in 2009 when they were playing decent. But he did because all he cared about was money. But he's allowed to be lazy and not play up to his capabilities because his team stinks "come on it must be hard to be stuck on such a lousy team". It is interesting how when Canadians pull stuff like this it's acceptable.. like when Dany Heatley wanted out of Atlanta. "It's understandable, the guy just needs a fresh start" is what everyone in Ottawa says. Years later he pulls the same schtick and he's a super-villain despite not having killed anyone this time.

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