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11-14-2012, 04:02 PM
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There's a noob on my team this season. He's been doing drop-ins for about a year and this is his second season in league play. Decent skills for a noob and he's got good athletic ability.

His skills are actually good enough that he sometimes thinks he's better than he is. He even asked to move back to D so he could get more ice time. Which is fine in some situations given the overall skill level of the league but I'd had enough of his dumb turnovers in our own zone so I basically told him "You don't need to try and win the game on every shift. Just make the best play for the moment and make a difference." ie chip the puck up and out if we're getting pinned in our end. Chip the puck deep if there isn't room to carry the puck in or isn't someone to pass to it who can get it in.

I think it made a difference because instead of coming the to bench *****ing that he didn't score or get a scoring chance he's now coming to the bench saying stuff like "we didn't give up any shots on that shift" or "we maintained some good possession". Our/his first season last summer we were in the bottom 3rd and knocked out in the 1st round. Our fall season is now winding down and we were undefeated and play for the championship friday night. He still makes dumb plays every now and then but his approach to the game as 3 periods has really made him more effective. He's a good example of a noob that actually listened.

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