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11-14-2012, 04:04 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyingKostitsyn View Post
Yeah right. Any scab team would be a disgrace to the sport. It would pollute the legacy of the Habs and I wouldn't want to watch a single second of this farce. Its not just about the logo, its about whats behind.
Well, various versions of this argument have gone on in other threads. To me, it's really the CH that matters. I'd watch and cheer for the Habs, no matter who wears the sweater, just because they're the Habs. Sort of like cheering for Lind and Whitehall and Ronan and whoever. They don't have to be the world's best, I'll cheer for them. A chacun son gout.
The whole idea of replacement players is impossible, because its illegal and illogical as well since its a lockout, not a strike.
As I said, the number of things that would have to happen... including a strike... are on timescales that at the very least would push things out to next season. Many people who know the labour laws say it is not at all likely that an impasse and imposed CBA would arise, and thus the whole scenario is not at all likely... but certainly a popular hot button one and interesting one to speculate about all the same, not comensurate with its actual likelihood.
And yes the level of play would be lower than AHL. Players would not leave Europe en-masse to play filler in makeshift one year teams while completely throwing away an NHL future (because obviously any of the scabs that would keep an NHL job would get targeted by everyone once the season starts, and would even be hated by their own teammates). For that same reason AHLers wouldn't want to join the league as well, as it would tarnish their reputations forever. The level of play might be similar to the ECHL perhaps and very clumsy since these teams would be made up of random people with little to no experience of playing with each other or at a pro level.
Impossible to know. The timing would be all-important. If it was too late and all the good international players and fringe NHLers had already signed elsewhere, it wouldn't be better. But the NHL, even whilst saving money on replacement players, would still have resources and venues that would otherwise attract a lot of the top non-NHLPA players, and if the timing was right I expect they would easily become the best league in the world again, with replacement players who don't care a whit about any PA backlash and had no remaining NHL dreams of their own.
Its likely a new, superior hockey league would soon appear (NHL player initiative joined by some of the owners or other would be owners?) and I don't think players would have any moral or legal obligations not to permanently defect from the NHL (who wouldn't be respecting their contracts) to join it.
I can't see any player initiative working, nor owners breaking ranks. More likely players eventually crossing the line. But it's all so hypothetical, speculative, and unlikely that it's hardly worth talking about. Well, except these kinds of apocalyptic scenarios are actually kind of more "fun" in some ways than the more mundane issues at hand with the current negotiations. If one can suspend disbelief long enough to go along with them.

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