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11-14-2012, 04:11 PM
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Talk about over reaction?

No. The league isn't going to disappear. A decline in revenues? The magnitude Depends on how long this lasts? Does anyone think a 50/50 split works for for the players with a lower revenue base? If the lockout lasts and revenues slip you might as well tear up all the contracts.

Is the NHL destroying the league? Takes two sides to tango.

What about the huge contracts that might not be paid in full? Didn't both parties agree to the last CBA?

What about the owners winning the last lockout? The players should Grow up, stop whining and look at the bottom line. With the adjustments... how much better are the players doing than 7 yrs ago? I'm not. If still not happy, hold a position and don't negotiate.

The bottom line... When the pain is great enough the lockout will end.

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