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11-14-2012, 04:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
I get that you are upset about the lockout, we all are, but to unilaterally blame one side or the other is ridiculous, IMO. The players have chosen this course of action just as much as the owners. If these players who are playing overseas during the lockout are so upset maybe they should be back here in NA rallying players to get a deal done?
Maybe some of the biggest stars in the game just want to play hockey and make money. Whether that's overseas or the NHL may not matter that much to many of them. Ovy and Kovy can play a short schedule in their home country, play a funner style of hockey for them, and if the lockout goes on for 3 years, just return and have a huge contract even though they will be well past their peaks. I don't see why they would feel a lot of urgency.

Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
Also, this whole "owners got everything the wanted" is just not true, IMO. Yes they got the linkage and hard cap they wanted, but lost bigtime on UFA, RFA rights, high minimum contract, high floor, increasing % based on revenues, etc. It's a classic case of winning the battle, losing the war. And again, the OWNERS did not cancel the season...a labour strife cancelled the season, NEITHER side could agree to a deal last time, same as this time.
They may have compromised on some lesser issues, but essentially the owners can't figure out how the majority of teams can make money after getting cost certainty on terms favorable to them, despite revenues increasing substantially during that time. That indicates that the owners have a lot of work to do in order to rectify that situation, but rather than figure that out amongst themselves, it seems like they want to penalize the players for the owners' collective incompetence.

Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
We are all frusterated, but picking one side or the other and putting all blame on them is just short sighted, IMO. Dramatics about NHL being marginalized to sports where the players work "real" jobs and their sports jobs are just weekends and free time (ie Lacrosse) is over the top exaggeration, we are still talking a 3.3 BILLION a year sport. Perhaps the NHL does lose some players in coming years to the KHL, like you said, more money, coming home, a more familiar style of play, etc, but I certainly doubt occasional labour problems with the option of playing in the league you would be going to anyways makes a huge difference. And it WON'T be guys like Ovechkin or Kovalchuk who are locked into contracts for a long long time...
I should have specified "outside Canada", because another lost season relegates the league to its marginal status of decades past in the U.S. Overseas countries have their own pro leagues. Sure, the hardcore fans will mostly return, but the casual fans will leave in droves, and basically a statement by the NHL that "we don't want any new fans." At this point, it looks like the "garage league" that Lemieux termed it, except most of the owners have really big, fancy garages... that will mostly be empty until they get a deal done. This isn't 2005, disposable income is scarce for most people, so why would they spend it on an league that may cancel its second season in less than a decade and continually shoots itself in the foot? This is a league whose more recent history is not consistently enforcing the rules (and so often creating a bland product where stars have trouble excelling), doesn't protect its stars, and can't even bother maintaining the continuity of the league. It's already a sport that is difficult to understand for many people, with players whose names are often difficult to pronounce, which is best known among the common man for "I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out." How much more damage do you think it can sustain before the NHL becomes almost completely marginalized outside Canada?

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