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Originally Posted by Burke the Legend View Post
Well, I guess they can keep fighting and losing if they want, just like they have been since the 1948 war. Until somebody who can actually beat Israel in a fight shows up, Israel isn't going away.

Seems like a lot easier for an Arab "Palestinian" to just go move his family to a country populated by other muslim arabs and build a new prosperous and peaceful life instead of dedicating his life to Jihad against Israel. millions of displaced people had to do this post-WW2 all over the world (Germans, Finns, Romanians, Ukrainians, Japanese, Chinese, Brits, etc.), including a million Jews who were kicked out of africa and mid-east, the only ones still fighting to reclaim what they lost (after the failures of their own aggressions) are these Arab Palestinians.
The other arab nations don't want them. That's as simple as that. They are too numerous and poor to be of any benefit to the already rather poor and underdevelopped arab countries.

The muslim countries like to blame Israel for their treatment of the Palestinians, but they are quite happy that the Palestinians are staying where they are.

Doesn't make it right.
Doesn't make the Israeli right.

Originally Posted by Burke the Legend View Post
It's true that terrorism is misused, but "terrorist" has a pretty objective dictionary definition:

The Intelligence Community is guided by the definition of terrorism contained in Title 22 of the US Code, Section 2656f(d):

The term "terrorism" means premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents.

I'd say Hamas' & friends' rocket campaign fits that. Although you could actually argue that Hamas is a sovereign entity in which case it gets upgraded from "terrorism" to outright acts of war so a hard Israeli military response is even more justifief.
It'd be an interesting way of looking at things if Hamas actually had WAYS to attack actually combattant targets. They are holed up in a walled off section of the world, have minimal intelligence regarding the Israeli except the permanent settlements nearby.

Therefore, striking at these civilian settlements is litteraly the only way they have to fight back. Had they the means to fight and try to win properly, they would. But they clearly can't, and nobody fights to lose.

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