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Originally Posted by VinnyC View Post
Which is why I hope this case is the tip of the iceberg for bringing down the whole NCAA sham.

The thought of offering potential pros the prospect of getting education to go along with participating in a competitive league is nice, but we all know what happens - athletes are encouraged to go for easier, less time-intensive degrees; get all kinds of tutoring to save them studying time; occasionally get preferential treatment to ensure passes; and so on. Bottom line is that college/programs obviously get them to spend as little time on education as possible and most athletes feel the same way.

But it's a bit ridiculous that for football and basketball players they have to go through a college system if they want to focus on going pro. At least in hockey there are junior leagues as alternatives so players who actually want an education can go to college and be student athletes.
Knowing 2 NCAA athletes personally, I will say this. I would not want to play basketball or football at most schools. My 1 friend was a diver at NC State and was free to pursue what she wanted, and had the time to get good enough grades to pursue a Masters. Another friend played D1 hockey at Colgate and was not pressured to go into an easier program. I just would hate the thought of coming out of college with no pro prospects and a degree I was pressured into for the sake of the team.

I would say basketball players have a choice to play semi-pro in the USA or Europe for a year. If your good enough, the cream should rise to the crop.

Football though, there is literally no other option for pro prospects, and the NFL loves it because of the millions they save.

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