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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
No, it isn't insane to pick either one over their career. That is really all I was saying originally. I think my exact quote was "Bure and Neely supporters would have a hard time proving Fleury had a worse career." I'll acknowledge that at the top of his game Bure was better than Fleury but when we are talking career wise there isn't a whole lot to choose from. Fleury did more when the puck wasn't on his stick, which counts in this form of debate. Bure was just injured so much of the time that it hurts him in the long run. We weren't able to see him do this over a prolonged time like even Mike Bossy. It was staggered.
i was responding to your statement: "Compare that to Fleury and while he had several disapointments in the postseason he always brought his team there and there isn't a time you would ever think Fleury was the cause of his team being knocked out." which i took to imply that bure was at times at fault for his teams losing in the playoffs. but now that i have reread it, i think i misunderstood what you were saying.

that said, i do think bure's playoff record is a *bit* better than fleury's, for the reasons outlined in my last post (one great long run to the finals trumps a handful of short runs; hence, beezer over cujo in my books). but yes, as you say, it's not *significantly* better.

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