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11-14-2012, 04:32 PM
Lazar Beams
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Originally Posted by CpatainCanuck View Post
Indeed: I find it odd that people come into this thread with accusations without actually knowing the latest offers proffered by each least as much as has been reported.
I think the only real information out there is the NHL's published offer "to save an 82 game season", from whenever it was given.

Other than that, we have the reported (second hand) rebuttal "proposals" made by the NHLPA (one of which was on the back of a napkin or something) and some loose information about the "make whole" provision (which to my knowledge hasn't been accepted by the PA) movement on revenue sharing (which, to my knowledge, hasn't been accepted by the league) and contradicting stories regarding the shortened season & pro-rated vs. full salary for players. All of which were reported / speculated on during the "secret meetings" last week.

So basically nothing more than third party reports. Would be nice if either side came out with an update...

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