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Originally Posted by Alberta_OReilly_Fan View Post
dont get me wrong... i think players do deserve a very good living, but lets call it as it is. The owners have been operating under a very crappy system that has seen players salaries skyrocket way beyond reason. The only way the owners even struggle to survive is by taking taxpayer handouts. Without the 10s and 10s of millions of dollars taxpayers give the owners every year, theres at least 10 markets that wouldnt be able to still be supporting hockey at all.
AOF - it's great that you are passionate but you need to make a concise point or 2 in a post and then people will discuss things with you.

I will touch on a couple of your main issues here.

Stop with the taxpayer thing.

1. The owners are the ones that ask for money not the players.
2. The taxpayers get to vote on whether to give the money.
3. The teams bring in more revenue which helps out the taxpayers.
4. The owners are going to ask for money whether they are paying the players 90%, 57%, 50% or 10%.

This argument has nothing to do at all with the players making 57%.

Next competition seems to be a big issue for you. We have had 7 different Cup winners and 12 different finalists under the current CBA. So competition is not a problem in the current CBA.

If you have other major issues which I'm sure you do - bring them up 1 at a time in a clear, concise, quick post and I will show you why you are right or wrong.

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