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11-14-2012, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Molseed View Post
The roster/lack of depth is also on Shanahan. At some point responsibility needs to fall on him and not keep blaming his predecessors. His drafts have been mediocre at best and his FA signings have been mainly swings and misses.

The team's performances on Sundays are getting worse and worse also. Should be an interesting one this weekend with two hapless NFC East teams going at it. Shanahan's been embarrassed twice the last two seasons when Philadelphia came here, let's see if he can make any progress on the third try.
How can you make a comment like this and keep a straight face? The roster is being completely rebuilt. Simple as that. Look back on one of my previous posts showing Uncle Vinnys draft history in rounds 2-4 from 2002 to 2009. It takes more than 3 off seasons to make up for that bull****.

It also takes 2-3 years for draft picks to develop into NFL talent, if they ever do, so to say Shanahans draft pics to this point are mediocre is extremely short sighted.

I can understand fans getting impatient during a rebuild, but get a grip already. No one picked this team to have a winning record, never mind a playoff run. This is a time for player development. And right now the kids are struggling.

Maybe the team can get on a roll like the Caps did when BB took over, but not likely. In the mean time step off the ledge and understand what you are watching. A very young and inexperienced team with a lot of injuries trying to find its way.

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