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11-14-2012, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
If it goes into next year I can see a real possibility that some teams might disappear--that they might be weaker teams financially speaking in non-traditional hockey settings would be just fine. We've been through the over expansion arguments lots of times. Bettman's defense of struggling teams in non hockey markets is more about his own legacy than about the viability of the league as a whole.

Anyway I'm a Ranger fan and when (if) they're back I'll be happy to watch them. I don't live in close proximity to NYC and usually don't attend more than 1 game per season. Situations are different. Those who tend to go to games more will have to make up their own minds. It shouldn't be a competition about who is the best fan. There's no way of qualifying that anyway.
Seems like these threads go in cycles. They go from optimism to pessimism to "fans who come back and go to games are suckers" v. "real fan" debates to other stupidity. Looks like we're back to the sucker v. real fan debate again.

As for your original point, I could definitely see weaker markets completely die out if this goes a season and beyond. I don't imagine they would contract them though, they'd probably move to markets like Seattle, QC, and Toronto since those are all markets that could support them and will be looking for teams soon. No way would the PA be happy with contraction.

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