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11-14-2012, 05:05 PM
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Originally Posted by kman22 View Post
I think they gave up more than that, but not Middlebrooks + Bogaerts more. Entering the season Bogaerts was ranked #58 in BA's top 100 prospects, where as Marisnick was ranked #67.

I will say that I thought the Marlins did a lot better when Arencibia and Gose were mentioned as part of the deal, but neither were part of the final version of the deal. Toronto managed to keep a lot of key prospects including D'Arnaud, who would have stepped in for Arencibia and may have been more productive offensively. Knowing that they have the surplus of C's, I could see them continuing to shop Arencibia to try to round out their roster, which could be what puts them over the top.

The deal definitely makes the Blue Jays more interesting for the time being, no question about that.
My point is, people believing that the Sox would give up the aforementioned are crazy. You're getting a very good SS, a good #2 in Johnson when healthy, and a reliable 3 in Buhrele. Those are not worth a 19 y/o power hitting SS/LF, a young power hitting MLB ready 3B, a 3-4th young lefty MLB starter+ more. The Jays gave up some decent to good prospects, but most of them are a few years away. Some of those pitchers are still in A ball.

Regardless, as a fan of baseball as a whole, I really want to know how Selig even allows this. Not because it's lopsided, but because of the fact that Loria YET AGAIN is going to take all the revenue sharing money and pocket it. Their payroll right now is $16 MILLION. The only reason the Marlins got that stadium approval from MLB/owners is because they promised to spend more. 3 years after approval they fire sale. Absolute joke.

Anyone who didn't see this happening is crazy too. Look at how Buhrele and Reye's deals are. They are so backloaded with salary. The Marlins payroll might've been $100 mil last year, but the actual cash out was significantly less.

Loria needs to be pushed out of baseball like Selig did with Frank mcCourt. he's nothing but bad for the game.

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