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11-14-2012, 05:12 PM
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Originally Posted by hockey18 View Post
seen weber for 4 years also. I also attended many sabres games last year. Weber was lost most of the time. He didn't belong on the ice. SUlzer will be a one year bust just like he has been in the past. HE had everything go his way. + - is one of those stats for losers that don't know anyting else. IF its good, you run with it and if its bad its because of other reasons. YOu can make a bs case for anyone you want . Brennan will get traded and end up haunting the sabres. How anyone can compare his game to MAG is amazing and clueless.

Pysyk is a good player but is not ready physically for the NHL.

I agree again with spittoon, lucky you guys aren't running any teams
Are you TJs mother, father, brother, sister? Or the one girl we had here with an obsession for TJ and Adam?

Get over it, for Brennan to make the NHL, he has to play better D, until he shows that, he's a one trick pony like MAG and won't stick in the NHL.

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