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11-14-2012, 05:16 PM
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Originally Posted by HarryHabs View Post
Again, players are not very bright.
Yeah. From Bergenheim.

It's also impossible to drop players share from 57 to 50% overnight (what was the NHL proposal),
NHL has now proposed 6year CBA that would give them 1-1,2 billion, according to out proposal. Pretty big victory for them, eh? And by the way, last lockout brought over 3 billion in profit to owners.
Bolded emphasis was from me.

And besides that NHL proposed that all over one year contracts must have under 5% variance. Which means that if some team for example can afford to offer player 1 mil for this year and 2 mil for next year, the team can't offer it. Even though the team would feel like the player is worth 1.5 mil. Because team can, according to NHL proposal have only 5% variance in salary,
NHL made profit 3,3 billion last year.

What an idiot.


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