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Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
I didn't address the "ridiculous" adj. stats you posted, because I didn't see them as ridiculous. They tell us what level of production would have been of similar value in '81. I'm not sure what is ridiculous about having that knowledge. We can argue about which was more difficult: Gretzky's '98 production or 131 (I actually calculate 132) points in '81. However, the fact remains that in terms of value (i.e. direct effect on winning), Gretzky's '98 production had the same value as 131-2 points in '81. If that seems irrelevant to you when comparing Gretzky's '98 season to players who actually played in '81, then that says more about your methods of evaluation than adj. stats IMO. There can be more research into the various factors which may make it more/less difficult in some seasons for top players to score adjusted goals/points, but that doesn't make the info irrelevant IMO. Apparently Gretzky finishing first in points among North Americans in '98 does not indicate that he had a very strong season? Excluding his own '81 season, it would be more valuable offensively than every player's '81 season except Dionne's.

OR, it's because there's inflated value coming out of the DPE numbers.
I am, by far, not the first one to mention or notice the amount of anomalies and unrealistic "Values" that come out of the DPE numbers.
Something I already brought up in this thread earlier in regards to Jagr and Kariya and what a more reality based evaluation of taking their respective DPE point totals to another era.

Yes,'s version of adjusted stats has slight inaccuracies IMO (these are magnified as you go back in time when the league was smaller and/or roster sizes were smaller). It's not the first, nor the best, but it's a comprehensive resource that anyone can access, so it's used as common ground for approximate adjusted numbers.
And also magnified, the more seasons you try and compare at once.
When I did 1 season, I got a 5% difference. When I do 9 season at once, what do those inaccuracies compound to?

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