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Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
I'll come back but I'm Canadian, and the sport will be fine in Canada.

I think the damage done in the US will be severe though.

Even for me, I'm done with buying any NHL merchandise (no jerseys, hats, shirts, etc.) for at least the next couple of years and while I will watch on TV, honestly I don't think I'll go to more than 1 or 2 games this "season" (provided there is one).

If I was a fan in the US, honestly I'd just drop the NHL for the NFL/NBA and be done with it.

It's got to suck being a hockey fan in the US trying to convince friends and family that the NHL is a worthwhile product and then have both the owners and players slap you in the face like this.

If I was a fringe/casual fan, I'd never come back.
I'm a Canadian too so I know what hockey means to this country.
Canada really doesn't excel in too many major teams sports, sp hockey is source of great national pride.

For sure Canadian fans will come back to the NHL but sure will have a sour taste in their mouth for a long time.

Americans are nice people too but in general far less passionate about hockey unless they grew up with it in the cold weather areas with history and tradition.

The NHL needs the Canadian passion but also the American money to make it seem close to a major sport.This is why there are so many American teams that are struggling instead of Canadian cities.

All fans would want a stronger league and Canadians would want those weak U.S. franchises relocated to Canada first and stronger markets in the U.S. if there were any.

Having said this the average Joe wonders why the players are so greedy? Even the lowest paid player cannot relate to the average salary of most people. This is why there is growing disdain the longer the lockout goes on.

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