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Originally Posted by Pepper View Post
Damien Cox ‏@DamoSpin

Strange how Andrew Ference led the NHLPA mutiny against Paul Kelly and is now nowhere to be found with CBA negotiations. APB sent out.

13h Allan Walsh Allan Walsh ‏@walsha
Funny how only people in hockey still talking about Kelly are few in media+NHL executives. What does that tell you? @DamoSpin @GlobeKPD

13h Damien Cox Damien Cox ‏@DamoSpin
@walsha Funny how agents who purport to care for players don't demand openness, release of Kelly report. What is there to hide? #alltalk.

13h Allan Walsh Allan Walsh ‏@walsha
NHLPA has never been so open+ communicative. Players have never been so active, involved as right now. Credit Don Fehr for that. @DamoSpin

13h Damien Cox Damien Cox ‏@DamoSpin
@walsha Same line that was used under Goodenow. Same propaganda. And I notice u still won't demand release of Kelly report. Why? #alltalk

13h Allan Walsh Allan Walsh ‏@walsha
A bit preoccupied in the throes of an owners lockout. Haven't heard Kelly demand release of Kelly report, not that anyone cares. @DamoSpin

13h Allan Walsh Allan Walsh ‏@walsha
All I ever heard was Kelly insisting on confidentiality clause to prevent NHLPA from ever releasing facts. Kelly waived clause? @DamoSpin

13h Gregory Moore Gregory Moore ‏@sirgregmoore
@walsha @damospin you've got plenty of time to spend on Twitter Allan, why not take some time away from tweeting and release the report!
Walsh responded by posting an article about Kelly reportedly accessing sealed PA meeting minutes. Cox challenged him to have the PA release the actual reports and he responded back to Cox with a link to an article written by an outside source covering the accusations. I don't even know why Walsh even bothered. Did he think people wouldn't know that it's not the actual report he's posting?

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