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11-14-2012, 05:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Bryzard of Oz View Post
I don't see the large majority of that list having a hard time trying to find a team who would want them providing they still want to play.
I think they were inferring that a Capped League with a need for reducing the Salary... like last time's Cap going in place with many teams already being way over the Cap, and possibly this time with a reduced Players share and lower Cap forcing player ousting that otherwise would not be done... The Flyers and the Organizations of the other mentioned players might be hard pressed to be able to bring back the higher-end who may not be willing to accept the needed reduction in salary and still play all out with it in their twilight seasons.

Last time there were Buy-outs for contracted players like Leclair and no money for the FreeAgents... Also, the 'New' NHL made it where many older and slower players were not able to earn the big-bucks that were no longer there for many teams... Will there be such rule changes this time? I doubt there will such a major 'game' change, but yet some player may be caught in some sort of change combined with Cap concerns.

Kimmo I believe will be hampered by his age and ability to play as many minutes and in as many games over a season... I seriously don't think that list+ will be able to dictate the circumstances like they would have had there been no LockOut and no Cap reduction... and the 'Make Whole' condition that the NHL may be agreeing to may add to their problems by making less money available. Can Kimmo and the others bite the bullet? Like I said in my last post, I hope Kimmo and Homer can hammer out a fair deal... and he plays here for as long as he's able.

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