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Originally Posted by Taco MacArthur View Post
What properties suggest that they'd compound at all?

To address your other common plaints:

Regarding the rounding "error", it's just because hockey-reference chooses to round the results on the website. If they didn't round, you'd probably be complaining about "how can Jaromir Jagr have 39.6 goals in a season? It's impossible."

Regarding the other adjustments that they make in their calculations - it doesn't mean that they're necessarily worse adjustments, just different.
If you compare 3 seasons and there's 5% in the first, then 4% in the second and then another 5% variance in the 3rd season...

Originally Posted by Iain Fyffe View Post
It's cute how you take pains to point out Gretzky's age and back, and fail to point out that in that season, he led the NHL in assists and tied for 3rd in scoring.

And why would it be difficult to believe that a 26-year-old Jagr would outscore a 20-year-old Gretzky? Gretzky has a whole bunch of seasons in adjusted scoring that beat Jagr's best by a good bit (at least seven). But you seem to be choosing your examples carefully to suggest that adjusted scoring thinks Jagr was better offensively in his career than Gretzky. It does not. When the two played against each other, Jagr was in his prime and Gretzky was past his.
As I said earlier...
Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
There's other factors at work besides just the numbers.
Like during the height of the DPE, you had Jagr finishing ahead by large margins because he was so big and strong, all the clutching and grabbing had a lot less effect on him.
Take away the clutching and grabbing from that time, scoring goes up and suddenly those margins of Jagr become much smaller.
Jagr is not going to increase his points by the same amount that say a Kariya will because the C&G going on was a much bigger factor on Kariya's point totals than it was for Jagr's.
The value that is being assigned to Jagr in one of those heavy DPE is accurate for that season and anyone you bring into that season should have to deal with that value of Jagr's.
However, that value shouldn't carry him to 160 or 170 points in 1990 because the advantage he has on most other players in those DPE years doesn't translate to simply an increase in overall league scoring.
He was already ahead because the reason why those years were lower scoring had a lot less affect on him to begin with.
You have to temper those AS numbers with reality sometimes and you know as well as I do that some of those DPE number values are just whack. Not completely whack but there's some major inflation going on.

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