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11-14-2012, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by daveleaf View Post
Adding two more teams does nothing good for the league other than short term money when there are still franchises that are hurting. Relocating Phx and maybe Flo/Col might make more sense. Move struggling franchises to more lucrative markets. Immediate impact in ticket sales and if a new CBA comes in at 50/50 would only help these clubs.

All that being said there are still other teams struggling such as Dal, TBay, SJ, Stl and others. So again, adding two more teams would be ludicrous.
If payroll is tied to HRR, it probably does make more sense to expand rather than relocate.

Expansion drives up the average far less than relocation. You have one less poor team with relocation, but more teams are closer to poor, and the poor are further from the midpoint.

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