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11-14-2012, 05:33 PM
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Though I'm pro-Espo, it was 16. He lost the last two in '75, but won the first one in '80. That's pretty unfortunate. It does leave a bad taste, but for me, compared to the competition that's out there now, there aren't a lot of complete packages. So we have to weigh it out appropiately...

Brimsek is the closest thing we have to a complete package probably and he didn't exactly kill it in the playoffs after the War either...neither did Durnan and he only played 3 really meaningful seasons and quit before the last one was over...Broda let the regular season go a bit more (but maybe his performance suffered from the high amount of games he endured) and even when he turned the ship around in the playoffs and led the way, he didn't seem to get a ton of praise for it contemproarily. You said yourself, C1958, and I don't believe I'm misquoting you, that Brimsek also probably wins Cups to some degree (whether it's 2 or 3 or 5 is a matter of fantasy) on those Leafs teams as well. I bring you up specifically because you seem very pro-Durnan. And I bet if I saw Durnan play, I would have liked him too (as I like Brodeur) but we have to be real about the level of competition he accomplished his feats against.

But, I mean, what can we do? I started this round out as being too picky...but really, we're already at a point where these goalies have flaws.

You also seem picky about this round too in terms of who you like here...what do you like here? Obviously, your vote is yours and private if you so choose, but what does your blueprint look like roughly?

It seems you like Durnan and don't care for Tony O, you don't care for the pre-forward pass guys, so where are you at roughly? I don't mean to put you on the spot either, I ask because I really respect your opinion and see the game similarly to you (vs. most of the board, I think - for better or for worse)...but I won't be offended if you disregard the request as it is divulging personal voting information/blueprints that you might not otherwise divulged...

EDIT: Answered.


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