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11-14-2012, 05:38 PM
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Originally Posted by TheJuxtaposer View Post
Setoguchi is a 2nd line RW with great speed and physical play. He's a 20-goal 50-point player when he's not on the worst scoring team in the league or injured or player with Matt Cullen as his center.

Coyle is not an average prospect. He's a blue-chipper, and he's certainly better than any prospect the Oilers have save Yakupov/Schultz. He's on the same goals per game pace as Eberle in the AHL.

And a 28th overall is still a good pick that has significant value.

There is nothing, and I repeat, nothing outside Hall/RNH that would make me want to move him. Ergo, he won't be traded.

I'll say. I like MPS, but Musil and Lander are not remotely enticing and the Oilers with Burns are not a bottom-10 team.
Charlie Coyle has ten points. We've got Teemu Hartikainen, who is an average prospects who will maybe be a third liner in the NHL, who has 11 points. I can see how you value him highly (Oilers fans pump Teemu's tires whenever possible), but ultimately, both are worth about a low first at best.

Setoguchi has only hit 50 points once in 4 full seasons. The last three seasons have been 36, 41 and 36 points. Not bad, but not worth one of the big 4 either.

28th overall is indeed still a good pick, but honestly even nowadays with good scouting, it's a long shot that they will play in the NHL, and an especially long shot for them to be impact players.

If we have to give up something like Gagner, Hartikainen, Musil and a top-15 protected first round pick in 2013 for Burns, I'd do it. Or even just Gagner, Hartikainen and Klefbom.

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