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11-14-2012, 05:39 PM
Dennis Bonvie
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Originally Posted by ODAAT View Post
We have the same idea of what we would consider "results". Shocked as many still back him the way they do/have, maybe it's because I was 3 when Harry won the Cup and I was force fed scenarios you mentioned for far too long.

The guy treated people like trash, taught MOC to handle things in a similar fashion, and it took 2 men with respect/integrity to turn it around with Chia and Cam.

Boston was not a prized or sought after destination for many years, and Harry laid down the groundwork for reasons why not IMO, Chia and Cam and others have worked tirelessly to put their stamp on this organization, and I will suggest attracting solid FA's these days is not nearly as difficult, especially knowing there's a GM who treats players respectfully and fairly, and a Prez who's integrity and respect for others is unquestionable.

Same can't be said for Harry, consecutive playoff appearances or not, I'll take the current culture of this team 8 days a week over the one Harry put his grubby fingerprints all over previously

Who's backing him? (other than me)

Every season there are multiple threads about what a disgrace Harry Sinden was, years after he's been a factor.

Anyone ever start a "let's here it for Harry" thread in the last decade or so?

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