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11-14-2012, 05:39 PM
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Originally Posted by HarryHabs View Post
Again, players are not very bright.
Most of them have not finished high school, or did so with some generous grades given to them because they were star athletes and not to be messed with. Tell you a story...and this one isn't even about players who have a PRAYER to go pro. And not really about the lockout, more about the smarts of hockey players.

Harry, maybe you've heard of this, maybe some others from Quebec have...we now have a collegiate league based in many many CEGEPs here in Quebec (CEGEPs are something like prep schools for university, but you can also learn a craft there, for those who don't know.)

The players in this league mostly come from Junior A and Midget AAA, SOME of them were drafted in the Q, some are Q rejects, some are rec league guys. All aged 17 to 20....

And they have this rule that states that if you fail a certain number of courses in a same program two terms in a row, you're off the team and you can't play anymore. So some players...they come in in Social Studies because that has the lowest prerequisites needed to be admitted, and it has some gimme courses that anybody can pass, they do 2 terms, pick up some credit, and they fail enough to be kicked off the team, THEN, they change programs. That resets their failling quota. They go into Hygiene & Security On The Workplace, then again, low-prerequisites, only a basic Secondary 4 course in chemistry on top of their high school diploma which they probably have if they were allowed in Social Studies... and they do the same thing. Well, now the 17 year old is 19 years old. His academic profile is a mess of failures and DNFs, no university is going to want him AND his hockey career is shot to high hell EVEN MORE DEADER than it was, because in terms of getting exposure for semi-pro leagues, you are better off in Junior A.

So what does he do? If you say, "Do it again?" you are absolutely correct, a CEGEP I know real well has even made a program just for them: A crash course on becoming the perfect steel plant worker. Requires no thought whatsoever, you have ZERO written work to do, no plans to read or nothing, they all get SUPER GRADES and they can BRAG that their student athletes are the smartest in the province!

****. And those that have talents let an old guy who's never played the game or cared for it convince them to leave millions they'll never see again on the table, instead of TAKING THE MONEY.

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