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11-14-2012, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Scott04 View Post
Don't know how its going to play out, especially since who knows what the hell Woody Johnson will want (during the remainder of the season, or for next season), but if I was running the show, I would give Rex one more year to figure it out. Believe his contract ends next year (or the year after where he would be the lame duck coach). Tannenbaum should be out as GM after this season no matter what. He failed at putting together a team with any depth. Top defensive player goes down and that side of the ball is questionable. Top offensive player goes down and the offense is abysmal. Although from the looks of things, its ceiling with a healthy Holmes was probably mediocre at best. Can only fault Rex to an extent, as he only has so much to work with. But the defense isn't up to par, so that I place on him. A few weeks ago I was thinking you give Sanchez one more shot as well, given the time left on his contract. But my thoughts have changed on that one too. Yes, he has nothing around him. Yes, the offensive line, and his receivers all make him look pretty bad. But he's not doing himself any favors when those parties are not ****ing up, so its hard to back him up anymore. If they address the QB situation via trade or free agency, Sanchez probably should hit the bench as I assume its too costly to cut him. If they address it via the draft, it depends on the rookie for whether or not he hits the bench right away.

* To clarify my Woody Johnson comment: Everyone knows he's the guy that wants Tebow to play the most, but that's because his primary concern is clearly on ticket sales and publicity more than anything. I imagine Rex resisting to play Tebow (especially if Johnson starts insisting he starts) could put him in more hot water than this season's performance alone. But as far as we know, Woody hasn't made such a demand yet, so that isn't a concern yet.
Agreed. I actually think the secondary has played pretty well even without Revis but the pass rush up until last game was atrocious. We all knew it was a problem heading into the season too and Tannenbaum did nothing to address it. Since 09, the team has made decisions that's chipped away at how good the team is. They never really replaced Thomas Jones at RB and that position's only gotten worse every year, their WR's have gotten worse since 10 when they had Holmes, Braylon, and Cotchery, they never replaced the veterans in the locker room like Cotchery and Richardson, etc. That along with other moves like cutting Faneca which led to an offensive line that's gotten worse every single year deserves to get Tannenbaum canned. I don't really put the Tebow one on him though because I also think that was a Woody move.

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