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11-14-2012, 05:50 PM
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Originally Posted by MastuhNinks View Post
This, I don't know why but hairylikebear seems to only be capable to deal in absolutes.

I'm not saying all earlier draft picks are better than all later draft picks, nor am I saying Yakupov is automatically the better player because of where he was drafted. What I am saying is that, every first overall forward picked in recent memory has been a better player than Benn is now at his age, and are typically on another level than Benn offensively, so the odds are that Yakupov will likely better. I'm sure Edmonton would at least give him a chance in the NHL before trading him for a player who is not on the level of your typical first overall pick forward. From 2001-2009 (2010 and 2011 are too recent to judge), 5 of the 7 forwards picked 1st overall are clearly better than Benn IMO (Kovalchuk, Ovechkin, Crosby, Stamkos, Tavares), I don't think that's an unfair assessment. I'm giving Benn the benefit of the doubt here, saying that he could possibly end up better than Nash and Kane. I just think it would be crazy to give up a player who was drafted 1st overall, for a player who is typically not on the level of the forwards drafted that high in recent memory, without ever giving him the chance to prove himself in the NHL.

And I said it would be immature to provide a counter-example where a player picked later is worth more because I'm not saying drafted higher = automatically has more value, I'm saying that draft position is a factor in trade value. I don't see what's so hard to understand about that. hairylikebear, why do only deal in absolutes? Why can you not just read what I post and take it at face value instead of trying to twist my words into something that I didn't say? It's really frustrating arguing with people like this, because they try to tell you what you're saying, and argue with that, rather than argue with what you actually say.
I'm not dealing in absolutes. That was three posts ago, and it was more of a joke than anything.

Originally Posted by hairylikebear View Post
Some overall picks are better than Benn; Yakupov is a first overall pick; Yakupov is better than Benn.***
Is the same logical construction as:

Some Russians are good hockey players; I am a Russian; therefore, I am a good hockey player.

You just can't do that. It's not evidence, it doesn't support anything. I'm not saying you're wrong or that I disagree with your opinion, just your defense of it.

It doesn't ****ing matter what Stamkos did when he was 23. Hall could score 90 goals this season (shortened even!) and it wouldn't have any affect on Mackinnon's trade value.

I'm not misunderstanding you (unless you're just plain misspeaking) because you've repeated the same thing about a dozen times, you just need to think about what I'm trying to say instead of getting in defense mode because you're being disagreed with.

Moreover, adding "odds are" is the same as just stating an opinion. When I say "odds are" the Kings don't repeat as champions, I'm actually saying "I don't think the Kings will repeat as champions." It's just a defense mechanism for people who don't like being called out.

Odds are Yakupov will become the better player than Benn means exactly the same as IMO Yakupov will become the better player than Benn.

***When I say "better than Benn" it's just to prevent wordiness (yeah, this **** could be even more long-winded). You can replace better with whatever you want (has more value than, has more potential than, has bigger feet than) it doesn't change the logical construction.

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