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Originally Posted by delirium trigger View Post
I'm pretty sure his back issues were known prior to the trade, but most importantly, bertuzzi was being boo'd out of every rink, had faced criminal charges and was being sued, needed to get out of the west, and not many teams would have touched him with a ten foot pole because of potential fan backlash and although he had 71 points he only had 25 goals and was commonly thought to have had a poor year due to all around poor play dispite decent numbers. He was also 30. Allen was considered an average NHL defender with upside at that time. That is a terrible return for a young undisputed franchise goalie. Would you make that trade if you were giving up a young Roy, brodeur, or fluery? I wouldn't, I would think IMHO that something had an odor around luongo, I doubt that its any different now. Florida didn't even have a true #1 goalie to replace him on the horizon, they just shipped him out
Originally Posted by delirium trigger View Post
Both times luongo was traded in the past it was for a bag of pucks. Us getting clarke for the pick that became him was the best trade ever involving luongo. Now at 33, with no cup, questions of game 7 mentality, a questionable contract, and a desire by vancouver to be rid of him, all add up in my opinion to a depth trade. All vancouver paid for luongo was a high drafted but meh defensman, a past his prime 40 point a season bertuzzi and a borderline back up goalie. And this was luongo in his prime, and van even got more out of florida in this deal! A late pick and a first round pick meh defender.
A toronto equivelent payment would be: bozak/connolly, komaserik, scrivens (keeping in mind the above reasons why he should be worth less then he was in 2006)
Please gets your facts straight before posting.

Obviously that trade didn't work out for Florida but if Bertuzzi hadn't of run into injury problems it wouldn't have been nearly as bad.

In your original post you called Bertuzzi a past his prime 40 point a season player yet he'd just scored 71 points in 82 games and played for Canada in the Olympics. If he was such an injury case why was he able to play every game that year?

At the time of the trade Luongo also had turned down the Panthers contract offers and was due to become a UFA after the 07 season.

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