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11-14-2012, 06:58 PM
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Originally Posted by NYRFAN218 View Post
Agreed. I actually think the secondary has played pretty well even without Revis but the pass rush up until last game was atrocious. We all knew it was a problem heading into the season too and Tannenbaum did nothing to address it. Since 09, the team has made decisions that's chipped away at how good the team is. They never really replaced Thomas Jones at RB and that position's only gotten worse every year, their WR's have gotten worse since 10 when they had Holmes, Braylon, and Cotchery, they never replaced the veterans in the locker room like Cotchery and Richardson, etc. That along with other moves like cutting Faneca which led to an offensive line that's gotten worse every single year deserves to get Tannenbaum canned. I don't really put the Tebow one on him though because I also think that was a Woody move.
The secondary has had its ups and downs. Can't expect it to be anywhere near what it could have, as Revis is Revis, and no one else on that defense can compare to the importance he would have on any team. I can't agree with you on the pass rush comment though. How can you tell me they did nothing to address it when their last 2 first round picks were defensive ends? The first 2 picks in 2011 were on the defensive line. 2 of their first 3 picks this past draft were on guys for the front 7. Whether or not you want to say they have been effective enough is another story. But they've made attempts to address it in recent years for sure.

I have no problem with the rest of what you said for the most part, except one thing on the offensive line comment. I wouldn't really say the line was worse immediately after cutting Faneca. His last year they were the number 1 rushing team in the league, sure. The next year they were number 4, but on significantly fewer rushing attempts (so naturally the yards/game are going to go down). The team's sacks allowed did go down from 30 (10th in the league) in 2009 to 28 (8th in the league) in 2010. I wouldn't really say much of a decline was felt then. Especially since as you say, the position wasn't nearly as strong without Thomas Jones, which was the same season that we're talking about here... In 2011 and this year the line has been pretty crappy, or at least horribly inconsistent. But I wouldn't say 2010 was a major drop off for the line. Slauson actually handled the job pretty well for that season at least.

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