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Originally Posted by Buck Aki Berg View Post
You stand up for your teammate by lining him up and drilling him with a hit of your own later in the game - that is the code you speak of, not mauling the guy like a wussy.

Obviously nobody likes seeing one of their own get laid out, but the hockey survived over a century without this stupidity every night. Take the number of the truck, keep it in the back of your mind, and when they opportunity presents itself, show him what it's like. Don't act like pansy and then call it a "code".
I simply do not agree. Sometimes players take "standing up for your team mates" too far, starting scrums over very minor hits, and I agree that those fights/scrums can interrupt the flow of the game a bit. However, when someone hospitalizes your team mate with an absolutely massive hit, fighting is IMO the right response, even when no penalty is called on the hit.

When you lay a check, you can often chose to simply separate your opponent from the puck, or to take it to the next level and absolutely destroy him. Even if both hits are legal, team mates are never going to like hits that seems unnecessarily hard/dangerous. There have been plenty of legal-but-brutal career ending hits, the legality of the hit can mean very little when it comes to your team mates health. Players have their own set of standards/morals separate from the written NHL rules, that's what "the code" is. Part of that code is that if you're seen to go over the top with a massive hit, you can expect to drop the gloves right after. If anything the head hunting you're suggesting (lying in wait until a guy is vulnerable, then blowing him up with a massive hit) is much more dangerous than a fight.

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