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11-14-2012, 06:10 PM
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Quick thoughts:

- One of the items that got a lot of discussion was out sourcing custodial services to save something like $250k per year. Aside from the hilarious irony of arguing over such a small amount when compared to the overall budget situation, this is an important tea leaf as the outsourcing recommendation was made by staff. Skeete would not likely be forwarding current FY budget cuts to council unless he was going to bring the JIG Lease forward.

- Scruggs motioned to continue the item so the future council could have input on what cuts are being done. The motioned carried with Frate, Knaack, Scruggs, and Alvarez supporting the continuance. The tea leaf here is that decisions on how/what services to reduce are being put off until the future council is seated. Or put simply, they are deferring the payment decisions.

- Payment decisions are separate and distinct from the JIG Lease. The lease is a spending decision. While Knaack and Frate are willing to defer to the future council on how to pay for it, I do not believe they will defer on whether or not to spend. We could spend hours discussing why that is poor public policy, which may actually be more enjoyable than spending time with the in-laws but I digress...

- The meeting reinforced the plain fact that none of these people are even remotely qualified for their positions and their Leg.Aides must be equally worthless. They do not understand elementary governance concepts, they do not perceive fiscal impacts, and they would all flunk Accounting 101. Scruggs is the only one with even a ballpark idea of what is going on.

Anyway, I don't want to jinx it and lord knows that I've been wrong before and I'll be wrong again, but, I really think they are going to try to push this through. I cannot wait to see what the fallout will be. Could be nothing; could be the newly elected officials all combine to support a referendum; could be lawsuits; could be anything.

But it sure seems like Glendale is ready to slide down the chimney with a wonderful gift for us all!

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