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11-14-2012, 07:17 PM
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NHL took over 5 years to recover from 05. What makes them think they'll recover again or in that same time span? It's 2012. More things around now. The NHL will keep it's die hards for the most parts, but they can kiss the casuals out the window. Quite frankly, are there even many casual NHL fans? The great thing I love about hockey is most fans are die hards. Of course once playoffs come around or the team is top notch you get your bandwagoners, but we have so many die hards. It's not like the NBA where you have random people tuning in to watch LeBron or Kobe. That just doesn't happen in the NHL. People will move on. Does the NHL realize right now that no one actually gives a **** right now? Has ESPN or local TV stations even mentioned the lockout? Time to wake up Bettman and players. Your league is not the NFL so stop acting it is and get a ****ing deal done and salvage the season. This ****ing ridiculous.

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