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11-14-2012, 06:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Wretched Oil View Post
I've just started reading this, and am not sure it belongs here, but here's piece written for the Denver Law journal about Fehr and his role with the NHLPA.

Law Journal

It's interesting

University of Denver Sports and Entertainment Law Journal:
Finally read it.

It's not just interesting. It's scary. I no longer expect a resolution to this lockout. I expect the 2012/13 season to be cancelled, as Fehr sits and waits for the NHL to continue negotiating against itself. (Seriously, the NHL went from 43% with redefined HRR to 50% without the PA presenting a "real" proposal.) When the NHL's offer finally stops getting better, he'll start negotiating in earnest. (IMO he's kept up appearances of "good faith" negotiating so far.)

In my opinion (after reading this paper) is I don't think Fehr will give up something as substantial as a 12% reduction in player's salary (share from 57% to 50%) without getting something significant in return. He probably has a bigger end-game in mind here, and likely hasn't shown his cards yet. I don't think he's going after the salary cap either. My wild guess is he's going for better pensions, earned sooner, that will benefit all players forever and ever (or until the next work stoppage). Or a share of franchise expansion / relocation fees for the players.

Or maybe he's just a guy who gets off on this kind of thing and is just in it for the lolz. What do I know. :shrug:

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