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Originally Posted by JR97 View Post
Who cares what your teammies say. Use what works for you. What make/model/flex are you using? I find it easier to change my game than change equipment like that. The last time I played ball hockey I went with a lip length stick on skates. I'm about your height and played D. I wasn't going to out reach anybody so I had to really on position and fleet of footiness to make up the difference of my shorter stick. The beauty of ball hockey is the whippier the better since the ball has zero weight to it. I had shoulder issues for years wielding senior sticks in the 90+ flex range (more than that since I cut them down so much). Sticks that stiff for ball don't make sense especially given my height/weight.

I moved to intermediate flex's and the shoulder issues went away. Even playing ice and taking slappers.
Sadly my shoulders are so bad to the point that even slap shots with jr. sticks would cause flare up, and even a plastic dom stick. I have a lot of arm strength so when I hit the "ice" or ground in this case, the energy some how comes back up and causes the shoulders to flare up is what my doctor is saying (I guess vibration). Also, the raise causes the shoulders to pinch, and slamming down very fast and hard makes that tendon get pinched while sliding between the bones.

My real issue is I love playing with a stick at eye brow height, and I have done this for a few years (spent a lot of time learning to dangle as well), but I was using the slap shot a lot and loading up on anti-inflammatory pills in league play. I almost hit the point of needing steroid shots, but never did and just went to goal tending.

My old group thinks when I get the ball, or puck I'm just going to rip a hard slapper, but this is no longer the case. So I went to playing with a stick at collar bone height to do mainly snap and wrist shots. This has pretty much taken all of my pain away, but I miss the reach and be able to steal a lot due to my speed. Then I get criticism for using such a tiny twig, and I don't get as many passes anymore.

Other than that, to be honest the shorter stick allows me to rip shots very quickly with such a fast release, but I loose a lot of my old play style and I'm no longer able to play man on man as much as before. I need to play on the lanes as opposed to challenging a player. When I do have the ball / puck I can get through traffic very well and rarely need to worry about getting my stick tied up because it's so short. With the long stick I could still get in traffic, but it was easier for another player to pop the stick up, plus shots required a lot more space for setup and time.

I guess I could stay with the short stick, but I would need tips on how to play effectively with a shorter stick as this is one of the few times I've used anything this short. Or, I go back to a longer stick which I enjoyed much more and learn to shoot with more power without getting back into slap shots, or damaging my shoulders again.

I use an Easton Stealth Int 85 Flex (Hall), but cut down as a longer stick it's maybe 95 flex, a short twig, well over 110+, this is just my ball hockey stick. For ice I would use a Easton 65 flex int, but again, longer stick the flex is alright, but collar bone height causes the flex to go way up due to cutting.

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