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11-14-2012, 06:54 PM
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Originally Posted by ALine View Post
Because its a full time job to follow every prospect in the system. I'm a blue jays fan and and am interested in what the blue jays are doing. When these young guns start making a push for the majors, that is when I take notice. Prospects are just that, prospects. There are many examples of kids looking great at 20/21 in single or double A but never amount to much in the majors. I'm getting a vibe from you that your one who values prospects higher than proven major league talent, because they still hold that ever so nice sounding Potential.

We still have a too farm system, we retain our prospects that make sense in the timeframe for the BlueJays, in addition to a very veristle lineup and bench, very respectable rotation and a bullpen that is coming together nicely.

No I don't have an extensive, fully self-formed opinions on every single prospect. I said I didn't know nothing, I said I didn't know much. I'm aware he was a top prospect for us, but was very far out from having a shot at the bigs, and even further from realizing his potential, if he ever does. In four or five years when he would be maybe ready for full time major league work, where is the rest of the team? In shambles because we didn't make moves for he now, just sat on our behinds while we wait for prospects who may or may not turn out.
See this is the problem. You might be a Jays fan but I have never seen you post once and its evident by you saying I value prospects over major league talent. Go read many of my posts from the past few months or talk to any of the regulars on this board and they will tell you I've actually been saying we should make a prospects for ML talent deal for AWHILE. I just have a issue with someone coming in and saying this trade will be a wash even if JJ walks, but then goes onto say they really dont know much about the best prospect we gave up in the deal. I just expect someone to have a little better knowledge of the lead prospect we gave up if there willing to say things like trades a wash or that the trade only gets bad if Nicolino is the next Shields (not even sure where this comparison came from).

I never once said I hated this deal. I was actually extremely pro from the start but that was under the impression we would do everything to get JJ signed and hopefully keep him longterm. If he walks for nothing it would definitely make this trade alot different in my views.

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