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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
Which is exactly what happens when you try to answer the simple question of who scored more points in the 90's with Adjusted Stat totals.
The question is simple, but when it was used in another thread to imply that Gretzky was the best offensive player from '91-99, then I believed it was a bit misleading and wanted to make it clear why. Gretzky built a big edge in '91 & '92 (284-126 actual, 254-112 adj.), due to large gaps in both skill and opportunity (Jagr on 2nd/3rd line with very little PP time), which were magnified by the higher league GPG. Gretzky had a small edge in '93-94 (195-193 actual, 171-166 adj.), and then Jagr was substantially better than an older Gretzky from '95-99 (543-399 actual, 626-454 adj.).

Who scored more actual points from '91-99? Gretzky
Whose was more valuable offensively during that time? Jagr
Who scored more points in most of the seasons? Jagr

I don't believe Gretzky's edge in actual points indicates that he was more valuable offensively over those 9 years. I hope you enjoyed yet another "simple" answer.

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