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11-14-2012, 07:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Cawz View Post
Wonder if the owners are willing to wait out the year to get their deal. There is a lot of uncertainty in the economic world right now, with the fiscal cliff looming in the US, Canada downgrading their outlook for the future and Europe seeing riots and demonstrations against austerity.

The owners, being businessmen, would likely rather wait out the season to see how things play out next year in the world economy than give in to a deal they dont want. If the fiscal cliff causes the US to go back into recession, I'm sure the owners dont want to be tied into a CBA that makes it tough for them to weather it.

Its a bad time for the players to be playing hard ball.
Looking at it, there is no real reason for either side to go a full year on this. but then again, most people have predicted where this will end up from the start, but it's taken months for them to get that far. Quite a slow process.

However, the NHL is done giving in on certain things, it's up to the PA to make the next move. Otherwise I see another month until the next NHL proposal.

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