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Originally Posted by Ricky Bobby View Post
Please gets your facts straight before posting.

Obviously that trade didn't work out for Florida but if Bertuzzi hadn't of run into injury problems it wouldn't have been nearly as bad.

In your original post you called Bertuzzi a past his prime 40 point a season player yet he'd just scored 71 points in 82 games and played for Canada in the Olympics. If he was such an injury case why was he able to play every game that year?

At the time of the trade Luongo also had turned down the Panthers contract offers and was due to become a UFA after the 07 season.
Bertuzzis play had very evidently dropped off , despite 71 points, which isn't very hard when over 45 of those were assists playing on the same line as some of the leagues leading and up and coming players. Luongo has emphatically stated that a deal was all but signed, and his trade was a shock.
Even if I discount the injury talk (even though I very much believe I remember that in the discussion around the trade when it happened), we are still talking about a 30 year old player with the most baggage of any player in that era, questions of fan approval in an already struggling market, coming off a season where his play was panned as distracted and soft, despite inflated stats from playing with some of the best players and up and comers of that era. For a league wide touted young, rare franchise goalie who was responsible for all the panthers success, when they didn't even have a replacement for him in there system?!? They didn't even need allen, they already had a young tough group of workhorse Ds, had olesz and roberts on the wing and a crap load of centers to deal to improve the team instead of the only goalie they had. This trade filled no needs florida had and made them instantly worse and put being a playoff team in question. Some thing is wrong here, this deal would never had been done if was fluery,broduer or Roy in their early prime. Something stank about that deal the day it was made and it rotted and got even nastier very very fast. And luongo at this point is worth less now then he was 6 years ago.
Also you would have to think that the recent firing of allaire is a pretty good sign that the leafs aren't interested in luongo, or he would have been here at least till the trade was made.

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