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Originally Posted by Hasa92 View Post
This is actually my wet dream, i'm so jealous at soccer fans cause they have much more interesting tournament's and they're not doing em every year like IIHF does.

It's so ironic that many Finnish soccer fans are jealous of hockey because it has more fan's, get's more media exposure and is more successful than soccer in Finland.

Well, at least in Hockey, we have a league where almost all the best players play (just not this year).
I'm fine with IIHF's yearly WHC. I just count them as friendlies like in soccer as the real song and dance is the Olympics, just like the Fifa WC (note I am NOT discrediting any team that does well in it - they deserve the respect and IIHF points, just crowning a champion yearly for a national team is kind of silly). The hockey national teams rarely ever play each other outside of the WHC so it's good to get a sense of where things are at annually. Even with the annual tournament I think national teams in soccer still play more games than hockey.

If that KHL 64 team megaleague ever takes off, we might have a shot for a Champions league tournament. In all honesty the BEST you can realistically hope for is for it to be like the FIFA Club World Cup if you want the NHL involved... they are too stuck in their North American centric world view. See:

Club World Cup could get one champion from each of the following groups:

SM-liiga champion
Play-in spot (Challenged between Swiss, German, Latvian, etc. leagues)

SM-liiga champ would play Elitserien champ, Extraliga champ to play the play-in spot (could be drawn randomly every tournament). Winner of these two games would then challenge one of the NHL or KHL champions depending on a draw. Final to be played between the last standing two teams. Get rid of the third place match.

That's really the only way to happen. You're not gonna get the NHL champions to commit to playing more than one or two games out of season after a grueling 82 game regular season, plus 20+ game postseason.

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