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11-14-2012, 07:08 PM
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Originally Posted by weems View Post
See this is the problem. You might be a Jays fan but I have never seen you post once and its evident by you saying I value prospects over major league talent. Go read many of my posts from the past few months or talk to any of the regulars on this board and they will tell you I've actually been saying we should make a prospects for ML talent deal for AWHILE. I just have a issue with someone coming in and saying this trade will be a wash even if JJ walks, but then goes onto say they really dont know much about the best prospect we gave up in the deal. I just expect someone to have a little better knowledge of the lead prospect we gave up if there willing to say things like trades a wash or that the trade only gets bad if Nicolino is the next Shields (not even sure where this comparison came from).

I never once said I hated this deal. I was actually extremely pro from the start but that was under the impression we would do everything to get JJ signed and hopefully keep him longterm. If he walks for nothing it would definitely make this trade alot different in my views.
You have a problem that I'm not on these boards everyday? So therefore my opinion is null? I see (not really). I guess i dont pass the HF post count check.

Again I don't know much, a whole lot, I did not say I know nothing. From what I've read about him and what I've seen of him and the opinions of those in the business that no more than you or I, we can handle the loss for an al star SS, reliable starter, both on good long deals, a solid bench player, and one of the top pitchers in baseball, albeit a short contract. You just advocated trading JJ for even more prospects. I don't understand your flip floppy line of thinking here, on this day at least. (As I cannot attest to your previous posts as no I'm not a regular)

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