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11-14-2012, 07:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Nuckles37 View Post
On there is a video called "Creating a Contender" where JJ's agent is interviewed, and he pretty much flat out says that JJ wont sign an extension.
To paraphrase him, he said that JJ will either have a very good year and could sign a contract making him the highest paid pitcher ever, or if he doesn't have an amazing year he'll still get a multi-year deal for a good amount of money.

He also says how AA doesn't like to spend a lot of money on pitchers, so that could mean JJ signs elsewhere next year.

And he also mentioned that he wouldn't be surprised if AA flips one of the big 3 Toronto acquired to help fill another position/replenish the farm.
He's just pumping up his client in advance of the contract that will make him (the agent) a crapload of money, so the interview and his commers were entirely self-seeving. He has no particular insight into Anthopolous, and certainly no insight into any further trades Anthopolous might make. Yes, in a hypothetical world another team could offer the Jays a king's random for Johnson, and Anthopolous could conceivably accept it, but it would have to be value above and beyond the compensation pick Toronto would receive if Johnson walks PLUS the benefit to the team of having him in the lineup in a year when they're definitely contending for the playoffs. Needless to say, that's a rather unlikely scenario.

Johnson - and his agent - also have to balance the risk if he gets injured during the season. Signing an extension early affords him protection. So the leverage is not all on the player's side.

Yes, Anthopolous could trade one of Johnson, Buehrle or Reyes, but it would just create a other hole and is therefore unlikely unless there are mitigating factors. Far more likely - near a certainty, I'd wager - is the trade of a catcher, possibly in a package, for another arm or an upgrade a LF or 2B.

So basically, don't take anything an agent has to say in a contract year seriously.

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